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Get the Look – Swedish balcony

So here we are in downtown Gothenburg, Sweden (images from here), but there is no reason why this wouldn’t work for any city balcony. Cute, clean, stylish and budget friendly – here’s how to get the Swedish balcony look.
1. EBAY 3 piece folding bistro set in white, 2. IKEA decking tiles, 3. IKEA Flatwoven Rug in Natural, 4. MASTERS Del Terra Avners Highland Bench, 5. FREEDOM Quest Throw in Almond, 6. IKEA Socker plant pot, galvanised, 7. FREEDOM Lineum Futon in Natural, 8. GREAT OUTDOOR CUSHIONS Black & White stripe, Lavender, Iceberg Shrub Rose, White Petunia

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