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Get the Look – Hamptons Style

At the moment I’m working on a ‘Hamptons inspired’ garden and pool for a client in Melbourne.  The Hamptons style is a look that will never go out of style – ageless, classic, conservative, a little decorative, and most importantly, lush green and lots of florals.  Grey, weathered shingled houses with white timber trim, hydrangeas, expansive green lawns punctuated by sparkling blue pools, white Adirondack chairs and blue chinese jelly jars filled with orchids – you get the picture! The garden plays a big part in setting the scene for this timeless look, with patios & pergolas connecting the inside to out. Sweeping porches covered in Hydrangeas over looking acres of manicured lawn may not be possible (for most!) but there are many ways to re-create this seemingly, casual, beachy look in your own garden. Here are some tips and inspiration to get you started on your Hamptons style garden.
Hamptons Style
1. OUTDOOR LIVING DIRECT Horizon teak 9 piece dining setting, 2. WEYLANDTS Grand ceramic garden stool (white), 3. FAB HABITAT Lucky blue & white outdoor rug, 4. WESTELM Striped tote, 5. TARGET Cable knit throw blanket (grey), 6. POPPYS GARDEN CENTRE Blue & white pot, 7. POTTERYBARN Catham single chaise, 8. MILAN DIRECT Lincoln Lantern (silver), 9. POTTERYBARN Saybrook all-weather wicker lounge, 10. OUTDOOR LIVING DIRECT Scatter cushion blue & white stripe, 11. OUTDOOR LIVING DIRECT Scatter cushion grey.


White Adirondack chairs on green lawns are a must! For similar buy here.


Keep lawns & hedges meticulously clipped. The classic white & blue colour scheme will never date.


While hedges are kept pruned, let blooms run wild! Again the colour palette is kept to white, blue & purple.


Instead of paving around your pool, just plonk it down into the manicured lawn.


A beautiful pergola for outdoor dining surrounded by manicured lawns and hydrangeas – classic Hamptons.


Make a big statement at the front entrance with pillars and clipped topiary trees.


Classic Hamptons style


A modern take on the Hamptons style using teak furniture that gets better with age.


Clipped box hedges and white Hydrangeas – never enough Hydrangeas!


An Aussie take on the Hampton style featuring a gorgeous pool house.


Classic Hamptons garden featured in Architectural Digest.


Don’t forget to casually prop up a bicycle in the garden (even if you don’t ride).

*Images from Architectural Digest,

Living with Plants

If you love houseplants as much as I do you will swoon over Ferm Livings new Spring/Summer 2015 Catalogue.  Designed with the house gardener in mind, some favourite pieces include the Brass Hexagon Pot (here), Concrete Pots (here) suitable for both indoor & outdoor and the Iron Wire Plant Wall (here).  Now if only I could find a stockist in Australia…
SS15_PRINT_single SS15_PRINT_07 SS15_PRINT_06 SS15_PRINT_02 SS15_PRINT_01 Image_02 Image_01SS15_PRINT_03SS15_PRINT_05

All photos from Ferm Living

Small but perfectly formed

Today I thought I’d share some small garden inspiration. These days more and more of us are finding ourselves with less outdoor space. With people moving closer into the city and sacrificing larger gardens, downsizing to smaller townhouses & apartments, many of us (me included) have had to wave goodbye to dreams of a huge garden. Of course I wish we had more room for the kids to run about but I don’t think having less space is necessarily a negative thing. For starters the reality of keeping a larger garden is costly, time consuming and in some cases overwhelming. I’m always asked for low maintenance designs & planting plans but no garden is ever no maintenance and the bigger it is the more there is to do. Some of the most amazing designs and thoughtful layout plans are for small gardens where every little centimetre & detail counts and everything has to be so well thought through. A well designed space can transform even the teeny, tiniest, derelict side garden into a lush, warm, luxurious extra room that will have neighbours envious. Ok the rolling lawns and space for kids to run may not be an option but with a little creativity you can still create something special for your family to enjoy, without the mowing! Please be inspired by these small but perfectly formed gardens.


This small garden creates intrigue with its winding and overgrown path


Complete with outdoor kitchen, herb garden, seating, storage not to mention a great place for the kids to play, this small garden packs a lot of punch and is designed for multi use of space


Sweet little outdoor space with great use of colour seems a lot larger than it really is


No room for grass? There’s plenty of other ways to keep the kids busy such as this black board designed by Secret Gardens of Sydney


The clever use of a mirror on the left hand side makes this London garden appear a lot bigger


Cute compact garden in London. Despite its size its brimming with green and very comfortable


This garden has been divided up into separate ‘room’s making it appear larger and defining uses for each space. I love the neat lines and structure


With limited space and a challenging brief this compact courtyard by Outhouse Design in Sydney uses every inch to the max. The result is stunning.


Sometimes its best not to overfuss with a small space. This small courtyard keep it simple with white on white on green.


This courtyard in Melbourne keeps things visually interesting vertically as well as on the ground. Creeping vines, a potted vertical wall and overhead succulents create a warm space. Find more images on The Design Files here.


This tiny courtyard designed by Think Outside Gardens creates a seamless flow between the interiors and the outside area.


Garden dreaming

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is a fabulous year for you. Gardenique is starting the year with a few new exciting projects but I’m still in holiday mode so this post is less about work and more about garden dreaming…. One of my favourite gardens of 2014 to dream about is Patrick Dempsey’s (aka Dr McDreamy from Greys Anatomy) Frank Gehry designed family home in Malibu, California. The mid century modern gem was built in the 1960’s and has since had the interiors updated and outdoor areas re-designed by Shrader Designs (check out Scott Shrader’s website, his gardens are insanely beautiful). If I was a Hollywood millionaire this is exactly the kind of house I would go for and definitely the kind of garden I have. Relaxed, bright, light, warm and unpretentious a lot like Dr McDreamy himself (how gorgeous is his family) and full of great ideas to steal for your own understated, Malibu inspired outdoor space.


Named the ‘Tin House’ the entrance is low key and understated


The entrance features a huge turning glass pane as the front door


Daybeds and potted palms in the entrance hall create a relaxed hotel feel


Outdoor dining space shaded by a metal-framed wicker canopy featuring Teak Nichols Design furniture – I love this.


Not technically the garden but obviously a very loved and family used space.


It seems every room uses indoor plants, they look great against the huge windows here in the study loft.


And this is where the envy sets in – gorgeous pool surrounded by a recycled timber deck. Divine.


The most picturesque herb & veggie garden, complete with airstream trailer parent hideaway!


Cozy outdoor setting with fire pit for cold nights.


Dr Dreamy can also make pizza


The gorgeous family to go with the gorgeous garden

* All photos from Architectural Digest

Green round up of The Block


Max & Karstan’s stunning Apartment 6 Terrace.

Despite the disappointing finish (for three of the couples anyway), I’ve really enjoyed this season of The Block. Initially I was disappointed it was apartments again (ie. no gardens!), but the terraces have been so amazing and inspiring crammed full of creative ideas.  I’ve also loved the use of houseplants, flowers and indoor gardens, from Dee’s signature maiden hair ferns & lilies to Shannon & Simon’s potted cactus from Bedroom 1.

My favourite reveal was Max & Karstan’s final terrace which was nothing short of breathtaking.  So clean, chic and contemporary and a great focal point for the apartment.  The vertical honey panelling and white walls created a very scandi look but there is still enough green to keep it from being too stark and clinical – the vertical garden at ceiling height is genius.  I also love the choice of furniture (could this be the table I’ve been looking for!) and the lighting is perfect, a beautiful feature on its own.

Here’s a round up of my favourite terrace designs and styled houseplants & flowers from The Block Glasshouse.  Plenty of fab ideas to steal this season – I hope you’ve been taking notes!


Dee & Darren’s Terrace : Cushions from Fab Outdoor Cushions (here) & Maison Est (here), low timber coffee table from Schots Emporium (here) and copper lantern from Maison Est (here).


Max & Karstan Terrace (Apartment 6) : Cushions from Elements Australia (here), BBQ from Mitre 10 (here), vertical garden, timber bench seat & timber feature wall by Vivid Green Landscapes (here).


Max & Karstan Terrace (Apartment 6)


Michael & Carlene Terrace : Replica Luxembourg white chairs from Matt Blatt (here), Emmett Industrial Copper Pendant Lamps from Sokol (here), Cumulus Natural Brown Screening from Out Deco (here).


Michael & Carlene Terrace : Wall Gardens & Planter Boxes by Eden Landscaping (here)


Max & Karstan Terrace : Vertical Garden, bench seat & feature walls by Phillip Withers Landscapes (here), Pots by Pop & Scott (here).


Max & Karstan Terrace : Small stone pot plants by Pop Plant (here), Weber Q Family BBQ by The Good Guys (here).

M&K_04 bedroom apt 6

Max & Karstan Bedroom (Apartment 6) : Cute little Tillsandia sitting on Country Road Tapas Plate (here), with Shelley Panton Jar Candle (here).


Max & Karstan Bedroom (Apartment 6)


Max & Karstan Bedroom (Apartment 6) : Little succulent in Shelley Panton copper vase (here).


Chris & Jenna Bedroom 1 : Gorgeous copper dip pot by Pop & Scott (here)


Darren & Dee Living/Dining Room : Beautiful lilies and Maiden Hair Fern in pot from Town & Country Gardens (here).


Darren & Dee Kitchen : Fresh cut flowers look beautiful against the marble & black.


Max & Karstan Living/Dining : Cute table arrangement of Mother in Law tongue in black pots from Botanics Melbourne (here).

M&k_living dining

Max & Karstan Living/Dining : Plants in jars from Botanics Melbourne (here).


Shannon & Simon Guest Bedroom : What a feature! Cactus & pot from Dragonfly Flowers & Designs (here)

D&D_07 ensuite

Darren & Dee Ensuite Bathroom : A really sweet way to present succulents in a glass jar, perfect for adding green to the bathroom. Plant & vase from The Big Bunch (here).

S&S_02 master bed

Shannon & Simon Master Bedroom : A delicate Maiden Hair Fern in a glass vase is a lovely soft plant for the bedroom and doesn’t need a lot of light. Plant from Dragonfly Flowers (here).

* All photos from The Block Glasshouse (here).

Hanging Around

angus_celeste_home_2014_006Suitable for indoors and outdoors, hanging plants are back in a big way.  Did they ever go out?  I’m not sure, but what I am sure about is the choice of beautiful, stylish planters on the market right now makes deciding almost impossible.  Space saving and low maintenance, hanging plants can brighten up dull rooms or soften hard spaces and are a decor must.  Here’s a few of my favourites available right now.


Cloud wall art planter by Collected (here)


Minimal Hanging Garden by Angus & Celeste (here)

Have you met miss jones

Aztec Planter in Blue by Have You Met Miss Jones (here)

Katia Carletti

Katia Carletti Hanging Planter (here)

mini planter

Mini Planter with Cup (here)

Mister moss

Mini Succulent by Mister Moss (here)


Diamond Hanging Planter by Attn Studio (here)

skurar hanging planter ikea

Skurar Hanging Planter by Ikea (here)


Sky Planter by Boskke (here)


‘Jumble’ Macrame by Jessie Tucker (here)

I don’t give a fig (enough attention)!

I don’t give MY fig enough attention.  My other houseplants, tillandsias and terrariums are very self reliant and pretty much take care of themselves but we are going on holiday soon and I just realised I don’t know how to take care of this glossy little fella.  He has sat in our living room filling an awkward spot beautifully for the last 3 months and I haven’t done a thing for him other than an occasional water.  Besides a few brown leaves underneath and some very dry soil (as expected) he seems to be ever so resilient and low maintenance but after a little research, there are a few things you can do to help your fig stay healthy and most importantly ALIVE!

photo 2

This is my little guy hanging in the lounge room

  • These fellas love bright, indirect light.  They are pretty easy to please, just put them near a window and avoid direct sunlight
  • Brown spots could indicate a number of problems, but they’re generally related to too much or too little watering
  • You definitely want to keep your tree’s leaves clean so give it a dust and a wipe every now and then
  • Figuring out how much to water may be a bit of trial and error but start with once a week allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings.  Overwatering is actually the biggest killer.  I take mine outside and give him a good soaking allowing all the water to drain through before putting him back inside
  • Increase your watering in summer or if you have the heating on particularly high.  Their natural environment is warm and humid so its best not to dry them out too much
  • Leaf dropping is generally caused by getting too much or too little water, or being exposed to cold air or too much warm air (as from a heater).  If your fiddle fig is dropping leaves try moving it to a different spot making sure it gets bright filtered light

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Spring has sprung!

This is definitely my favourite time of the year.  The weather is getting warmer, the skies are sunnier and most importantly everyone starts advertising new garden furniture ranges. Yipeee! Freedom has hit the ground running this Spring with some beautiful products that I’ll be snapping up (Alvin the tortoise pot, I’m looking at you!).  There are some cute colour dipped pots (see here) and a Hexad Vertical Garden ideal for growing herbs on any balcony (see here).  I’m also a bit in love with the Flamingo Island Cushion (see here) and the Frag Doormat (see here).  On the Furniture side of things the choice is vast.  For a large setting the Adelphi 9 Piece Dining Package is a classic (see here), but for my dinky little patio I’ve got my eye on the Brunch 3 Piece Folding Package in Zest (see here).  Oh and the Boston Terrier model is pretty cute too.

Freedom-Adelphi-Option Freedom-Brunch-w-Dog Freedom-Hive-Party-Option Freedom-Olly-Chairs Freedom-Planters Freedom-Portsea-Sunbed OUTDOOR-APARTMENT---Terrace-5-piece-236 Screen-Shot-2014-08-06-at-8.44.16-PMOUTDOOR-APARTMENT---Brunch-3-piece---Moloko---Market-231

Collingwood Courtyard

photo 1 copy
So here is a sneak peak of a little courtyard in Collingwood that we styled for sale.  The property had been tenanted for a few years and was looking a bit tired, but the bones were good and it didn’t take much to bring it back to life.  On a very tight budget we gave the fence a lick of paint in Charcoal grey, filled in the garden beds with a few more low maintenance plants (box hedge, agave) and made the trip out to Ikea for simple patio furniture and bits and pieces.  We added some beautiful cushions from Xavier & Me and Aura Home for a touch of colour and rounded up as many succulent plants as we could get our hands on.   The effect is simple, modern, neat and low maintenance – ideal for rentals or anyone who doesn’t want to part with too much money.  Thanks to Lee Bird Photography for the beautiful photos and helping me out on the day!
AfterGardenique low res for web (1 of 6) Gardenique low res for web (2 of 6) Gardenique low res for web (4 of 6) Gardenique low res for web (5 of 6) Gardenique low res for web (6 of 6)* All photos taken by Lee Bird Photography & belong to Gardenique


Black & White

I’ve just started thinking about giving my courtyard an overhaul for Summer, new furniture, pots, maybe a lick of paint on the fence and a few new plants.  Its great fun to do this kind of project for clients but for myself its a little more challenging and I drive myself crazy.  Usually I find an image I love and run with it but so far I’ve LOVED turkish bazaar daybeds, Balinese pinks & gold, seaside greens & blues and they never get further than the Pinterest board.  I dwell on the images for ages, wanting myself to be brave and choose a colour but inevitably I end up going back to my old favourite, Black & White.  So this time it will be different, I’m going to embrace my Black & Whiteness!  and share some Black & White inspiration for the outdoors with you.  So enjoy and stay tuned for my Summer courtyard make over.

Image_01 Image_03 Image_07 Image_08 Image_10 Image_11 Image_12 Image_13 Image_14 Image_15

Image_16 Image_17*All images from Pinterest